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    Originally Posted by Hardy Har Har View Post
    Another screenshot for my game:

    Comments on these?
    Some small things:
    1. Does the party go left to right then top to bottom, or top to bottom then left to right? That is, in a dual battle, will Cresselia or Combusken be used? There's no indication here, and you shouldn't just rely on "this is how the real games worked".
    2. The lower case name for Juchille stands out against the capitalised names for the other pokémon. I would make them all just one or the other.
    3. There's something funny going on at the bottom of the left hand curve for each box, some redness.
    4. The bottom of the red highlight selection box (i.e. around Quilava) seems thinner than the other edges.
    5. Might be nice to see some of those pokémon with status problems, so we can see how the symbols for those work. Same goes for the held item icon.