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    Alright I guess I'll reveal a some info on what I've been working on.
    I've been remapping many of the maps for Ryen such as town's and cities, forests, routes, parks, and beaches. I've been also adding new systems and features such as the ranger board, a new look for choosing your starter (thanks to OG), and adding a new rival depending on gender. There's also a few minor edits to certain events such as dialogue to show more character.
    I guess you could say I'm preparing Ryen for its firts demo release. I'm sorry for the wait but I promise the next update will be a a demo with 2 or 3 gyms (again sorry, I promised 4 gyms but there's so much in the demo right now). New music will also be included thanks to megiddo.

    I don't want to leave without showing something so here's a peak at the new Rising City and an almost finished Veratwirl forest i'm working on this right now.

    *I'm in the mapping stage of the forest, I have to take all the old events from the old forest and put them in the new one.
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