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    I fixed it!

    Thanks for the review, Bay. I actually was a bit hesitant to leave the flashback where it was, because it felt a bit odd for me, too... So, now I actually changed it's place a bit. Well, a lot, to be exact. I think the story's flow is a bit better now, and the plot twist isn't as predictable.

    As for the baltoy's motives, I realize now that I didn't really get much into that. Partially, that's on purpose: I don't like the way some movies have a sort of summary in the end where everything is explained to the smallest detail (an exception to this is Poirot, because in that case it's the whole point...), so I wanted to leave it up to the reader. But maybe there's too little to go by after all... I mean, Rodney Lee does have one theory that he says out loud, but the other Rodney doesn't think it's credible. In my opinion, Rodney Lee is right.

    ...I'm not very good at explaining, am I?

    Also, I'm really glad you liked what I did with his feet and the effect it had on him. I was really anxious about that, as I feared that people might think it's not very convincing or likely that he'd turn it into an advance so quickly.

    Anyway, thanks for reading and reviewing!

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