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    a list of grievances of this club (no offence) but these are some things that i think could be better:
    1) i don't think that this statement: "4-if you join the club and stop searching for shinies and dont have one at least what the F*k are you doin in the club?" is a little harsh. some people may lose interest, and that's their loss, you don't have to cuss at them.
    2) all of the member levels are sorta... mleh... i don't know. they don't work for me. it's fine having a few people in power, but after that i think that everybody should be on an equal level.
    3) there seems to be too much stress on maintaining order and reporting infractions (from my experience, club members are all respectful to eachother and if members are disrespectful, they are normally told so politely by anybody who feels like something wrong's happened)
    4) if the member levels do continue to exist, the "member on testing" seems wrong to me because it may discourage people from joining.
    5) your sig format is too big. many of us are close to the edge of the character limit and i suggest having a sig format similar to this:
    member of the ~>{*Shiny Hunters Club}<~

    (the sprite should be a shiney that the member either owns, or if they don't own one, one that they're hunting for. and no repeats, there are 150 that we're hunting for so it really shouldn't be a problem)
    forgive me if i spoke too boldly

    ~ryan, the midnight shiney hunter, cofounder of the shiny hunters club
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