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Thanks so much.
I'm back and bring you some updates:

1/ Pokedex
I decided to make the final dex.(If no big problem, I will not change it in the future). And I'm uploading the video. I'll update it soon.

2/ Platepics City
You can see a picture of this city in my signature last week. And here is some more screenshots:

3/ Rocksmash
I edited the Rocksmash Script, you can get some items (randomly) if use rocksmash (Like HGSS)

4/ New HM
I changed HM 5. Now, it's Leaf Blade. And where can you use it? I'll show you in the future.

5/ Bicycle House

My game has two bicycle house, and here is one.

That's for this update. As I told you, I'm very busy from now, so the progress will be very slow.

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