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New game as my own personal trainer (pokemon sapphire)

[Starter:Eevee] Umbreon (VEEVEE) lvl 46
Breeloom (BREE) lvl 46
Delcatty (KITTY) lvl 46

In training since i gotta face the elite four next:

Gardevoir (KIRIA) lvl 36
Swablu (BLUBLU) lvl 16

I've found that pokemon games are easier if you play through them with 2-3 pokemon max. or else your pokemon will be under leveled (For me anyways. I get lazy with training X3 ) But once I get to the Elite four, I get more pokemon and train them up. I'ma get everyone to level 50 before I leave for Victory road.

~There are black people in pokemon, there is simply an 8 in 65536; simplified as 1/8192 (2-13, or approximately 0.012207%) chance of seeing them :D~
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