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    Hi there!
    Hmmm...I've come now with a sugestion and a problem(again)!

    So the sugestion is: You can make something that forces the player to battle (in wildbattles) until death, capture or kill the poke!If it helps,check the legendarie battle scripts,it could be something there that will help you, since it checks if the player killed the poke or captured it or run from battle(but outside of battle,and my idea is inside battle).Its for the people that want a Pal Park.And if you can make a wildbattle check if the player run instead of capturing or killing the pokemon then instead of making the pokemon appear the times you put,appear until you kill or capture the pokemon like for Pal Park.(of curse you have to put another variable to check if the rom hacker wants it!)

    The problem is:I know that you tell to not use the predefined pokemon part of special 56 (roaming/swarming),but before i tell you that bug,i had noticed another bug: with the normal pokemon numbers, the times that they appear is correct(i mean,if you put 5 times,he appears 5 times) but if you use a predefined pokemon he appears infinitely time,even if you put it to appear 1 time.

    Thats it,

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