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how to put this

you have to understand this
dynamic labels are just a way to "rename" offsets
every command will take a few bytes
eg lock takes one byte,a pointer takes 4
A " : " label is inside of a dynamic label, but it is pointing at a further spot on the script
At position 45 is lock
at position 46 is faceplayer
then if you have a ":" label it points to 45+2
so that way you can say
Jump :-label which will go to the #dynamic label, but it would skip the lock and faceplayer
:\ it's hard to explain, just think of it as a way to skip around in your script.
another example
#org @a is stored at 0x123456
:-label is just a way for PKSV to say, jump to #org @a+2, which is where the :-label is at
If i can think of a way to explain better i will.
And as far as changeing the players ow...if i can get some better asm, i'll post that up here to, but, asm is a bit out of my range, if i'm walked through it, i can figure it out, but it's not very easy.

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