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Forry is a pretty decent lead in this metagame.

[email protected] / Shed Shell
252 HP / 252 SP.DEF / 6 DEF
Impish Nature
- Payback
- Spikes
- Rapid Spin
- Toxic Spikes / Stealth Rock / Earthquake / Gyro Ball / Pain Split

Standard forry.

Ok the defensive evs allow you to increase your s.def capability by 42% which lets you come in on things like Mixpert easily and tank surfs and other weak special hits easily, mine has even survived Roserades HP Fires. You only lose 19% physical durability if you do this too, so it really is the optimal ev spread.

Payback is 100% needed in this metagame to let you nail the Rotoms. 3HKO on defensive versions and a 2hko on offensive ones.

Spikes is Forrys main selling point because not many pokemon get it, so really should be the move you use. However you can replace it with another spiking move if you wish.

Rapid Spin is self explanitory.

Last slot is up to you. I use Zap Cannon there too, its hilarious to mess up its common switch ins and hits Gyarados, use Relaxed if you do.
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