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    Originally Posted by The Gambling Gallade View Post
    Hmmm. I've had this question for almost a month. It has never been answered.

    Before you attempt to answer it, understand that in Advance Map, I have all the map banks correct on the warps. Even when I hit "Goto", the warp works.

    Now, when I play it in the game, and I walk into the door, it takes me to another map, except I cannot move, I'm invisible, and I believe I'm out of bounds. I changed the map height and width, and checked if I had a warp out of bounds. I did not.

    Does anyone know how to fix this problem?

    Note: This is a tuff question to answer with only the given information.

    First double check your warp. Make sure its unknown is set to 3
    and that the map bank and header are correct. Then make sure the transfer number is the sam as the other maps warp.

    This might be a problem with your rom. This generally happens when you change a map size, and AM overwites part of another
    map. Before you do anything else to your rom I suggest you save your map files somewhere and make a back up.

    P.S. Som times when you make a warp weird things can happen, such as showing up in the middle of the course.
    Trying adding a new warp to each of the maps
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