Thread: Ruby hack: Pokemon: Super Rising Thunder!
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I like the creativity you have put into your hack. Overall, the palettes and tiles give the feeling of a pokemon world. I also liked with what you did, what I believe there called "dreys"? But one thing that does throw me off I'd that i think you expect to change the normal grass tile yeah? I would think you would do that with changing from one land to another, but that would be messy due to the fact that the wld pokemon grass animation has a sprite and pallete, that you can change, but to only one or two different ones.

But overalll on that subject, it's up to you.

I like the video you posted, but the music the goes with the second prat when you wake up is hard to believe that it's really part of the game.

Fake hacks or theft will not be tolerated.
The hacks you post must not contain any fake information. The images must be screenshots taken in an emulator of your choice, and should not be edited in any form.
I'm just saying this might be indirectly related to you, since you used a video instead of a screeny and just used real music instead of pokemon music .

Your maps are okay, but that's just in my opinion. I like the natural mapping style better than a nintendo mapping style, and if that's what you're aiming for, then you should place trees, grass, etc. more sporadically throughout the area

As for a imaging program better than paint, you can download graphics gale, just search it from google, or you can try to crack one of the adbe photoshop versions. I'm sure that there is some guide or somerhing on the internet that you could crack it with. Or you know, you can just buy it