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Well, here's what's up with the music in the video - in the video's description (but I forgot to mention here - thanks for pointing it out to me, Fan King!), I mentioned that the sound lagged like crazy in the second part of the video and it was driving me...well...crazy ' So I muted the laggy sound and replaced it with some instrumental music so there wouldn't be silence or an infuriating lag. No misrepresentation was intended at all ' Sorry!

They're kinda too big
Sorry about those big images! My normal computer is not currently online since I've just moved to another house, and the only image software editing program I have access to on this particular computer is Paint, where my efforts to resize the images just resulted not in a shrunken image...but parts of it chopped off. ' I remember that you said my images were too big last time and tried to make the more recent screenshots (that I took on my other computer and shrunk down on Photoshop) smaller, but if they're still too large, I'll fix that in later posts

But one thing that does throw me off I'd that i think you expect to change the normal grass tile yeah?
Changing the grass tiles is something I hadn't really thought of, but I could certainly try - I've used Tile Molester to change animations before (in Jersey Quest); all I would need are some free grass tiles in multiple stages of the animation (or an idea in my head of some grass tiles I could design on my own ' ). It's something I'll think about once the game's scripts and plotting have progressed more

I like the natural mapping style better than a nintendo mapping style, and if that's what you're aiming for, then you should place trees, grass, etc. more sporadically throughout the area
Thanks for the feedback! Since this is supposed to be a forest area your character is in in these screenshots, the trees are thick to give that illusion, but once you get out past the forest sporadic trees spotting the landscape is certainly something I'll try and do As for grass, I could fix up that first route (and later ones) to be less dominated by tall grass and so it looks like more of a random pattern. Thanks!

To everyone, thanks for your feedback and compliments! I hope to have new screenshots showing the next town area (and parts of a developing plot) soon I haven't sprited many of the Pokemon yet, so sprites of humans are currently standing in simply for testing scripts, but I don't want to take screenshots of the game looking like that - but as more sprites and scripts are finished, I hope to post up new goodies soon Unlike Jersey Quest, my other hack, this game is already taking much faster to complete since it's not so hung up on sidequests or alternate paths and is instead just trying to tell a straightforward story XD So it shouldn't be too long of a wait for new information!
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