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    Originally Posted by Kairi
    That definitely sounds like Norton or you computer then. Ahhtelling us which browser you use may help, but odds are its NIS. In 2003 disabling it would fix the issue, dunno about 2004. =\
    Sorry, someone mentioned the brower earlier and I meant to tell you. I use Internet Explorer.

    Did you read my post? I used to have this problem, I think it is your browser. I used to have this same problem, but then I switched to my firefox browser and now I don't have the problem any more.

    So my advice is to get the firefox browser.
    Well, thank you for your advice but I like the browser I'm using.

    When I first came across this site the images were showing up, this only started a few weeks or so ago. If that's significant.

    Also, other vBulletin sites work--including the homepage, including

    Originally Posted by Satoshi-kun
    Oooh... Kwesi had a solution to this a few months back.
    You mean this one.

    I searched for it. >_o Kwesi isn't the whole name either so I had to figure that out too. XP

    *sigh* Now, I tried all of that except the trying another browser thing. And none of it worked.

    Edit: Okay, I tried Firefox. The images show up, but I don't like it. :/ I prefer Internet Explorer. Is everyone sure there's no way for me to get the images to work with Internet Explorer?
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