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    Originally Posted by pokekingkian View Post
    well ive done a sprite for your hunt is it any good :? :

    Good, but I was thinking completely black without the markings, sort of Dusknoirs colours
    @ Blackpant1- Sorry, I meant Spinarak, it was going to be surskit originally.

    Not sure what you think about this but something slightly different. Based off one of the hunts from FFXII, it is infact a trick hunt to lure you into an attack from an angry Team Galaxy grunt looking for revenge. The grunt had however found a strange pokemon and captured it. When you defeat the grunt, the pokemon turns on him and runs away. After the grunt leaves, you approach the pokemon, which is now friendly towards you, and you capture it.

    Bolt Trapinch
    Physical description: A bright yellow Trapinch, with small spikes on it's back.
    Hunt Name: Surging Fury
    Reward: $2250, Surge Protector, Various Healing Items
    Found this devilish bugger sapping the power from some poor woman's house, need a good trainer to put it in its place.
    Posted by: Electrician Ryan (Really Team Galactic Grunt)
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