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Most annoying CotD ever? At least Brock got to do something other than make food and comment on Ash's battles. My ELoT:

- Is it just me or is Brock looking shorter than normal?
- So, what, Raichu can't be cute?
- But yeah, Piplup ain't cute
- I hate this girl so much...and the episode's been going less than five minutes XD
- Meowth's kinda delusional, huh?
- I'm really glad that Brock's here to shout at her :D
- That Solar Beam charged pretty fast.
- Mime Jr. isn't cute? She needs a lobotomy.
- Super Brock to the rescue!
- "Bet the third one makes me sick?"
- Brock looks scary...
- You just know it's gonna be ugly...
- Shellder? It is kinda cute, actually...
- Ash and Brock look ridiculous. Dawn looks hot

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