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I actually really liked Marilyn, I thought she was pretty funny.

- Wow, hi, Buneary
- She doesn't find Piplup cute? YES.
- I actually like Cherubi's voice
- lol the crop means you see Giovanni's leg spinning XD
- Mime Jr isn't a cute Pokemon? FAIL. She's sounding like the Amity Square people with their weird standards...
- And Happiny *is* cute?? What.
- Urgh, after that Chingling episode, I really hate Chingling
- Shellder is cuter than Happiny, anyway
- Whoa, how long has Brock had Happiny and not had it in a battle? o.O
- Dawn's Platinum clothes look really pretty, I love red coats, but it's not gonna keep you warm D:

Music kept: (8)

When they see the snow
Team Rocket's sneaking theme
When she sent out Cherubi (?)
CotD talking about Pokemon battles
After Happiny comes out
Croagunk getting up
Team Rocket Sinnoh Motto Theme remix
Route 206

Originally Posted by Blue_Drifblim View Post
...Did anybody else think the music was unusually quiet today?
If by "anyone else" you meant me, yes! It was horribly quiet, I couldn't hear the track that was playing sometimes, so I'm not sure I've got all the tracks that were kept right :/ I wonder if they're going to keep it this quiet from now on :/ Which is pretty annoying since they eventually made it louder through Battle Dimension after being really quiet...
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