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Originally Posted by ●•ΛΣЯӨЩ•● View Post
Well XSE also has a Rom expander and compressor if i'm not mistaken...
Expander and truncator. If it compressed the ROM, it would render it unplayable (unless by some amazing miracle)

In my opinion, you don't need any more space in your ROM. If you somehow manage to waste the whole 9MB of free space, you have probably tried too hard. One average script is 100-200 bytes. This means you could insert between 47000 and 94000 scripts of these sizes without running out of space.

One 64x64 16 colour image is 2KB, meaning you could fit 4608 of them in the free space. Maps are smaller than this.

Originally Posted by NatureKeeper View Post
I have a really, I mean the word really long script. No free space in the game seemed to do. It was over 200 raws!
"#raw" commands are not really meant to be used. If you're using them, you should look up the named equivalent instead (try decompiling again after compiling).

EDIT - Also, with a 200-#raw sized script, you could still fit over 47000 of them on your ROM without expanding.

People need a better sense of scale.
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