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Originally Posted by 560cool View Post
Okey... gathered Jolteon's sprites over time :

RBG : A so and so really ! Better than those epic fails above ....

Y: Ugh... look patient and tell me it ain't evil :O

G : I looove this one

S : Too bright... Rest is good !

C : It is an EPIC WIN

RSE : Pretty WIN-FAIL in beetween
FRLG : Luuv it !

DP : WiNs !

Pt : Not too much dif. just wins .

NOTE : RSE Rattata fails :
FRLG Rattata wins :
How can you not love that RSE Rattatta!? It's adorable. =3

I quite like Red and Blue's Blastoise. He looks like a chubby Ninja Turtle with a backward jetpack. xD
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