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@Jhonnyduffboy - Thanks for the compliments As for the different palleted's a very easy, simple matter to do that. I have two palettes consisting mostly of varying shades of greens and browns, and some trees are colored with one palette while others are colored with, well, the other Use the Block Editor in Advance Map to make tiles where the different types of trees overlap and hey presto! There you have it

Anyway, I've updated the first post with smaller, better screenshots And here are some more screenshots to show my latest work:

Since you have a set gender in this game, you're simply asked "which picture you like better" rather than "are you a boy or a girl."

Walking along Dapple Path, the first route in the game. Thanks to advice that I've received, the grass placement is more random than it was previously.

Uh-oh! It's a Flash-born Wurmple! What will you do? ...Well, if I were you, I'd unleash the Super Rising Thunder upon it XD You can see that the player's ear now sports a nifty ribbon

We've left Dapple Path behind and have arrived in Pikpik Grove. Hey! It's a Ledyba! ^__^

Normally, there would be a script active here that would make those pesky Spearow keep you from proceeding. But I bypassed that for the sake of a screenshot. Here, we have the very beginning of another route, Golden Trail.
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