Thread: Development: Pokémon Fire Red Hacked Engine
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    Ok thank you very much!!

    I already compiled it but one thing...... i tried to do the OW expand thing

    after I paste the code into the rom with the hex editor...can I paste it in any offset?
    (of course, it must be 0,4,c,etc...)
    or it must be at the offset next to the OW pallets and sprites?

    another thing... When i do it... I still can change the palletas and sprites in the overworld editor?
    Or I will have to d change them by hex?

    EDIT: I paste it next to the OW data and when I open it with the Ow editor this show up:

    and a lot of more errors like pallete unfound and a lot of things and no OW can be seen

    again.. sorry.. but it's a little difficult for me

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