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Originally Posted by Jesse[TB Pro] View Post
Sorry to say, but you are using quite a few tiles that are off-limits. I don't want to sound like an ass, but Kyledove does have some off-limit tiles. Apart from that, this game looks awesome. Tiles, OWs, and the general idea is nice. Keep it up.

Off-limit tiles? *is puzzled, since I got most of those Kyledove tiles from this site (which seems to exist only in cache form at the moment) where they were implied to be "free"* The other tiles, not counting the ones made by me, were made by WesleyFG (also from the site above) and Saurov (from here), as labelled in the first post. Other places where I may have found tiles were on this forum or Google Image Search over the years, or the Spriter's Resource, where I could have picked up things that may not have been free along with the free stuff, without even knowing I feel like a criminal

I really wasn't intending to be a thief and I don't want to remain one...can I be shown the off-limit tiles so I can remove them?


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