Thread: Ruby hack: Pokemon: Super Rising Thunder!
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    Originally Posted by Jesse[TB Pro] View Post
    Yeah, I know. Sorry if I sounded like an ass, but if he wanted to be an ass, he could have sued you...and you don't want that, do you? I know it must be a downer to have to replace those tiles, but it'll look fine without 'em. ^-^
    I forgot to mention that everything looks great. I love the way you combined the trees in your maps. ;D
    umm no. you are very wrong there could be no sueing by anyone but nintendo and/or gamefreak. im sorry that you dont know this but if money was involved in hacks (SUCH AS SUEING SOMEONE OVER IT) nintendo and/or gamefreak would sue both people for reselling their products. and yes i understand that those were probly costom tiles but they would only work in a pokemon game (i do believe)

    anyway this hack looks amazing! I love the new attack! and the scarf but I was woundering if you pick what would be the female player is the scarf pink or red insted of blue?
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