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The Gengar shading I thought was actually pretty close to Big Boo's, as I actually edited it for the most part. Although perhaps it could just be Gengar's palette that might be screwing something up. It is suppose to be Big Boo, I double checked. They aren't he ones with the crown. King Boo does exist, just not in this Mario game. I will get to Bowser eventually, but not till later probably. Waluigi I'm probably not going to mess with as he isn't in Super Mario World, and I'm not a fan of him myself.

So I have some more dudes and stuff as you can see. For the switch palace blocks I'm not sure which to do. I needed 4 pokeball types, but the 4th I can't decide on. Both Premier and Safari are OK, but they aren't like the others. I might just leave it up to the ROM hacker's choice.

I also have made the sprite for one of the two winners of the raffle. Only six people entered =P. This one requested a Torkoal evolution that as spikes and a scorpion tail. However after showing him the first one, he asked that I remove the spikes along the side. So I have both versions to show off, I hope the winner of them enjoys them. I will get onto the second winner's request as soon as possible.

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