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    Originally Posted by JPAN View Post
    Some part of the code must be pasted over the old function. Those piece of code are identified by the comment before it telling you where to paste it. They are generaly only 8 bytes, and have four zeroed bytes in front of it. those bytes are the pointer, in reverse, for where you put the rest of the functions.
    In the case of the Overworld code, you can find those type three times along the code. To identify them, just look out for sets of four or more 0's. There is only one exception to this, that is right after 6f e9 05 08, which is a shift to replace the overworld cleaner.
    If you used devkitPRO Arm as.exe, the result will be a a.out where the compiled code starts at 0x34. copy from there if you use it.
    The reason I din't provide a compiled code for this feature is that this is the only code that isn't copy-paste onto the game. The instructions at the source file tells you where to put it, but you still need to know how to identify them. Knowing Thumb helps greatly here.

    On a final note, OW Editor was made not using the OW person pointers but the OW data in the ROM directly. As such, it doesn't recognise the changes at the OW number and Pallete number. It will always only allow you to edit the original ones, so if you wish to edit a new table, you must use another ROM and copy the data after you are done.
    *Tip: You can just edit the ini or source for the overworld editor.
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