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Cheers for the reviews - much appreciated. =)
Originally Posted by Minos Yewman View Post
Great! You started this again! Excellent writing as always. Also congrats on your promotion (not sure when it was, but it was after I was last here.)
Indeed - I have returned! *dons sunglasses and hopes on the Zoomer and drives off into the sunset*
Originally Posted by Bay View Post
I’m more mad than Mad Hatter!
No you're not. =P

Anyways, another funny chapter here. I really do have to question the intelligence of the Orre people (and everyone else in the Pokemon fandom)
They're not a bright bunch, these Pokemon people.

Andrew I thought you did his thoughts well. Shows a bit of his personality. Sorry, haven’t played the games, so I wouldn’t know if he was a character or not. ; However, there are a couple of times I felt his thoughts are long winded. I know that’s his personality and all, but it’s a bit too much going deep into his thoughts. Perhaps you could have done some of them in the narrative instead of in his POV. That’s just me, though.
Andrew came in before where I mentioned he was an original character - so no, not in the games. (No police force outside of Johnson and Sherles, actually. D= )And long winded... hmm, maybe. I didn't feel it would fit anywhere later however, given by then there was a battle going on and all, so he would be unlikely to be thinking about that and rather more on the job at hand, but maybe I shall see if I can't integrate it into the narrative some more.
Dakim…been a while since the readers last met him, huh? The first bit where he’s with the Cipher grunts I chuckled a couple of times. Heh, the grunts are better than him. However, his stupidity and “DAKIM KICK!” got repetitive at the end.
Truth be told, in the game this is the first time you meet him/hear about him, where he begins by...punching people in the face. XD I can see how DAKIM PUNCH/KICK may be repetitive (although the third was the most necessary given that happens in Colo and I didn't see the trainers there simply letting him just walk away like that), but with his stupidity... well, personally characterising him as a smart guy after people stupid before might have made him out of character, IMO. =/ Hmm... idk, again might have to look at it again. But heck, it's good hearing differing opinions and all, especially n stuff that may need working. =)
Try to not have the next update be this long.
Well, I can always try... =P
Originally Posted by Elite Overlord LeSabre™ View Post
1000th post, whoo!

Ah, since I left Sppf I was hoping I could continue reading this here
Never fear - going to post this both here and there at my normal slow pace. =P
Sums up Dakim quite well. Also reminds me of Chuck, for some reason.
Hmm, I can see how it might remind you of Chuck. XD
Ooh, I think this battle that's coming up between Wes and Dakim is gonna be epic... cactus or no cactus. I can't wait
Hopefully it will live up to expectations then... *whistles* Cheers for reviewing.

Originally Posted by SilverSmeargleSplatter View Post
Oh my dear Lord, b&b, how I love you to death for actually adding in the Dakim PAWWWWNCH!! And the dishwashers were great and and and...<3 It gets all my lovin'. I'm inspired to actually draw the Dakim PAWWWWWWWWNCH! now.

I can't wait to see how you portray Entei.
Glad you liked all that. =D It was rather fun writing it all, have to say. And DO IT! Otherwise Dakim may punch your drawing utensils, and we don't want that. =P

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