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this sounds quite interesting,
no more menus = FTW

but how would the capturing Pokemon work
would you have an area like: pal park?

or more like grass outside stadium city?

i had an idea:
what if you had an area like:
Training Tower
a mutli leveled training area
and to get to the next floor you would have to defeat like a gym leader.
i dont think that makes sense heres a stat sheet:

Floor 2: River Floor
Pokemon Levels: lvl4-lvl9
Theme: a river and surrounding area(water and grass pokemon)
How to get to level 3: Defeat LT SURGE (pokemon lvl 6-13)

Floor 3: Black Out City
Pokemon Lvls: Lvl 7 - 14
Theme: An Industial City, without power (eletric and posion)
[need flash to get thru city, buy from Stadium shop or some crap]
How to Get to level 4: Defeat Brock(pkmn 15-20)

etc etc etc

If You use this, give me credit


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