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    Does anybody know how to get rid of that animation where everything slides in on the firered titlescreen?

    Originally Posted by giradialkia View Post
    Hm.. I got the background loaded fine, and, like you, left one Black tile for transparancy. But the wrong colour was made transparent, in the Rom- any idea how I can fix it? I haven't closed down NTME yet, so i think i'm still safe.
    Edit- Nvm, I think I know what I did- the black wasn't the first colour in the palette, as it probably should have been. I'll fix it now..
    I'd suggest using Irfan view to switch the pallete colours(black and the other one) around and then import into paint, switch the colours around on the image rather than the pallete, and import back into Infanview to check if it worked. It worked for me.
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