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    ~Update October 04, 2009~

    Sorry if I haven't updated in a while. It's because I was hard at work trying to get my new Power supply cable in the mail. My Pokemon game was on an external hard drive and my power supply cable broke. I just recently got it in the mail so I have been hard at work making progress on my game.

    I programmed up to the 4th gym leader now, meaning that my game is relatively 1/4 of the way complete. I will have a new playable demo available within a week, so keep your eyes open. I have also fixed a glitch that prevented progression early on in the previous demo. There are some new music in the game.

    Also, the Mask of Ice from the Pokemon Special Manga, finally makes his first appearance in my game. I hope that you find the side-quest enjoyable, as the Mask of Ice is one of the Main Villains in my game. So keep your eyes open for the release of my new demo.

    Pokemon Pyrite is now complete, check out the trailer/download link here:
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