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    Originally Posted by Aerodynamic View Post
    Yes it would, but you don't show how to insert them, and most newbies don't have a clue how to do it.
    You're right, it doesn't.. But my 2 year old video does (although Cyclone was used hack then), so do other videos and tutorials on the net/this forum.
    + I don't see how someone can't 'have a clue how to do it', but that's just me probably. unLZ-GBA, TM, .. are basic programs every hacker should start with.
    Originally Posted by Aerodynamic View Post
    Thethethethe's tutorial is outdated, doesn't cover repointing and doesn't use the new NTME, so I don't see any others but this one wich explains everything.
    I guess you're right.. Though, unLZ-GBA menu's + brains (+ other tutorials) should be enough.
    I think we should do something about all those tutorials about the same thing. Like, only keep one up-to-date tutorial and put the others in an archive, I dunno.
    Originally Posted by Aerodynamic View Post
    So D-Trogh stop acting like your better then everyone else and try to help someone once in a while instead of only commenting.
    I'm not better then everyone else, so it would be stupid if I acted like I was.
    Why should I help? It seems to me that DawnRyder knows what he's doing.

    Originally Posted by mervyn797 View Post
    we need this. its more detailed and thoroughly explained. the other ones weren't as well.
    And also not all people are as genius as you.
    I guess most (including mine) don't handle ALL parts of the tilescreen, so I can understand that some newbs want everything to be explained to them.
    The reason people (at least, that's why I do it..) don't handle EVERYTHING is because if you explain one thing, they can do the rest. It's all the same process.

    + I'm not genius and I hate it when people say that.. They expect to much from me (and now I'm talking about real life, uni and such )

    Originally Posted by DawnRyder View Post
    Hey, don't be so hard on D-Trogh. I learned how to do this from him. Yup. And he's the one who wrote NTME, so...
    Thanks for 'defending' me My previous comment might not have reflected this, but you're writing a good tutorial.
    I still hold on to my previous message though, it's one of the many and I think we should do some cleaning on the old tutorials It's getting filled with the same thing over and over again

    Originally Posted by narutoactor View Post
    wow I never saw your video and its quite good
    this tutorial un like others goes into more detail and uses ntme which is awesome so cheers to DawnRyder
    Thanks, I made it to show the new functions.
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