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Massive update of massive destiny!

First things first - I took care of the tile problem, and have replaced all screenshots depicting them (...I think... ' ) with new ones. Not 100% pleased with that log tile, but I'm not going to worry about it too much for now...

It's Log! It's Log! It's big, it's heavy, it's wood! It's Log! It's Log! But is it bad or good?

Second things second: If there's one thing a Pichu isn''s a Trainer. Behold - the new "Hero Data" card!

That spot in the middle is where the Pokedex would go...but since you never get a Pokedex, it just sits there and takes up space. XD Anyway...I found, much to my displeasure, that there is no way to eliminate the accumulation of money from the game - you can't have a "Trainer" give you nothing for defeating them. So what I did was replace the money with "Rocks" you end up collecting throughout the game. For now, they're completely useless. But you'll need to have a certain number to beat the game...

And as long as we're talking gimmicks...

Of course, a Pachirisu knows all about squirreling things away XD How do you go about it? Well...that bush in the corner, and all bushes that look like that one, functions similar to the PC in traditional Pokemon games. You can go up to it and stuff items in it, and also take a breather there and "arrange your team." Team Arranging is where - once you get six partners or more - you can decide who is on active duty (is available to battle with) and who is "on reserve" (still travelling with you, but not available to battle). Being on reserve will not prevent a character from popping up on the overworld, and putting "yourself" on reserve obviously won't suddenly put a halt to your adventure XD You're still journeying and travelling, just...not battling XD

(As for how items you put in one bush manage to be in every bush you talk to - I dunno. There's a Mew in there that teleports em. Or something. Acceptable break from reality XD ).

And now, third things third...story progression! XD I'd make another video and show it in action if I could, but the computer I'm currently using is a junk heap, and my good computer has no net access at the moment ' Only major scripts will be discussed here and later; smaller scripts, or major ones that would be spoiler-iffic, won't be shown.

Not a major script at all, but is being shown simply as an example of what "Trainer" battles will be like. XD Right on the first Route, you're expected to battle. These Spearows are blocking off access to Pikpik Grove up ahead...and won't budge unless you make them. But what is that like?

Well, it starts out a bit like this...

And is like this in the middle. XD They fly away after you defeat them and you're able to enter Pikpik Grove, only to find Spearow blocking off the exits - Spearow unwilling to battle.

"Beat it, ribbon boy!"

Enter one of the trees and you'll find Rega, the Ledyba elder of Pikpik Grove. He gives exposition and is surprised you managed to fight some of the brutes off.

Freya, the Pidgeotto, enters Rega's tree and is none too polite. Later on, she joins your group as a team mate, but for now, she's an angry bird with bad grammar who wants something that Rega has. Why is she angry, why does she have bad grammar and why does she want it? Alas...t'would be very spoilery (much more so than the few characters I did discuss XD ) if I were to reveal her backstory...

And when she says "pretty round thing," she doesn't mean the bush. XD

Rega doesn't take it sitting down. He leaps over the bush and goes to confront this brazen bird, wondering why she has to bother him rather than that idiot Pachirisu who lives on the first route who has a whole nest full of those "round things." She explains that Rega's "round thing" is special - it's heavy. Freya seems to know what these objects are actually for...

Freya attacks Rega, steals the "round thing" and makes her escape. Rega doesn't look too good...will he make it?
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