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    pokemon overall story will be a pokemon game that aims to please all the people who play pokemon games, read the manga and / or see the anime. So be very faithful to it and will follow its course.

    you begin your journey in the Kanto region in the town of pallet after ash has became champion of the leagues of kanto, johto, Hoenn and Sinnoh, Orange Champion and has participated in leagues kanto, johto, Hoenn and Sinnoh many things happened as Max becomes a Pokemon trainer, prof.rowan offers a Chimchar to dawn as a birthday gift, gary back to try to become better coach than ash, tracey becomes coach of Pokemon and become the most recent winner of the Orange Islands, appear four major championships on the world level tournament coaches, competition pokethlon the world, the festival in the world tournament of letters and greatest and most coveted championship in the masters of the world ... (even will further develop the story) you incarnated in the skin of one of two new coaches. you celebrate your tenth birthday and you and your three best friends (in which one is the opposite pesonagem that will be chosen and their companion and after the progress of your game boyfriend or girlfriend and you chose between the four four Pokemon squirtle (water), bulbasaur (plant), Charmander (fire) and pichu (electric) and enbarcaram an adventure around the world pokémon (kanto, orange islands, johto, holon, Hoenn, Orre, sinnoh, Fiore, Almia, poketopia and possibly even more) collecting badges 8 each region at least 5 tapes contest each region? pokethlon medals (in johto) to enter tournaments, pokemon leagues, granfestivals .. .

    office team
    chief and general manager: joão pedro Loução "jPDL," Daniel captain "danielcap"
    sub-directors: crisalex and 1 vacancy (this is me decide)
    scripters: 3 vacancies
    designers: 3 vacancies
    mappers: daniel cap, Cristiano Silva "crisalex" and 1 vacancy
    eventers: jujubabacaca and 2 vacancies
    Writers: jPDL and 2 vacancies
    sound recordist: 3 places
    pixel artist: 3 places
    spriters: 3 places
    resources Hunters : 3 vacancies
    note: here will only put the top job if you want you can help the other thing that will never be banned. we are not going to use starter kit.

    registration form
    and over which I subscribe:
    version of rpg maker who you think that I use and why:
    time available:
    note: no matter whether you are beginners. i'll start the game seriously when I have enough people.

    My contact:
    j.p.d.l.03061995 @
    contact danielcap: [email protected]
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