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Hmmm... She's nine in the prologue, and sixteen when she first starts out on her journey? Any reason for the long wait, especially when most start training at 10 or 11? (Yeah, I know the character in my fic started at 15, but she has the "brainiac who went to college first" excuse XD) I mean, it's okay if she has a reason to do so, or if policies have changed regarding the minimum training age.

Your use of description is improved in this chapter, which really helped. I liked the heartfelt send-off by her family - much more detailed than the "rush out the door" beginnings I've seen too often. Given this, I ope the mother and brother don't fall off the face of the earth once the journey gets into full gear - I hope Belle remembers to check in with them every now and then (this is advice for later in the story, actually). And you accurately portray the pitfalls of going budget - you get what you pay for, in this case a rickety old boat of questionable safety.

Well, I think I'll end this reply by saying that I liked Belle's starting off. It felt real, with her family worried about her but at the same time wishing her good luck. Even if the conditions aren't the best

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