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1. 22sa+
2. Decapitated Goat
3. Franceschi
4. Misty4Life+
5. Netto Azure
6. Shalon Rainsworth
7. Sonica
8. Went
9. xXI JOE IXx+
10. ~Momo Uchiha~+

1. Bob again
2. Not sure what he's doing here
3. Not sure what Fi's looking for
4. Meh Clannad buddeh <3
5. Sensible guy who I can have a political conversation with. I should add him soon.
6. Lead here by Momo...please don't give me the drama emblem ;;
7. OT regular
8. Not sure what Went's looking for
9. Fellow Clannad fan, and new friend
10. Ugh, Momo, what is it with you that makes drama follow your coattails? :P
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