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    *developed with Rpgmaker XP


    *New game region: Isiah - full of different environments and secrets to discover
    *more than 200 fakemons!
    *rich custom graphics, full of details
    *improved dungeon-like structures, for the best explorations ever!
    *new game mechanics, such as camera system
    *Jrpg-oriented storyline, with epicness and deep subjects
    *original music and sounds!
    *side-quest system: missions available depending upon your *Trainer Rank
    *time-based events: Isiah looks differently depending on hour and days!
    *trophys: master the hardest challenges to unlock them!
    *[wip] downloadable content for in-game expansions


    «The question is: to rein consciously our destiny, or to be swept by the flow of time because of our ignorance?
    Isiah's very roots are to be shaken, the cycle of life changed forever. In the midst of our heart a new fear spreads. The biggest shadow is concealed by light, as much as the darkest place is a lighthouse's base.
    The confine between myth and reality has never been so small.»

    Pokémon Garnet let you assume the role of a young boy or a young girl. Some differences happens throughout the game depending on your gender, but the adventure remains the same. It's the day of your seventeenth birthday: you can now embark on your journey as a pokémon trainer, starting from your hometown Fleurville. Professor Cedar awaits you and your friends at Fleurville's Research Centre to introduce you into the world of Pokémon.
    Choose your first pokémon among three and begin your travel. You'll meet obstacles of all sorts, from hard pokémon battles to savage places.
    Will you gather enough strength to embark the greatest adventure?
    Will you have enough courage to face the darkest fears?
    Will you heed the call of your destiny?


    Development Team
    Project Coordinator: Mercurysky aka Hydrargirium
    Scripter: Help-14
    Eventer: Mercurysky

    Graphic team
    Spriters/ pixel artists: Blazeknight, Giulio-91, Kuroda-Taiki, White-Flame
    Artworks/general graphics: iMezzo
    Tilesetter: Kuroda-Taiki, White-Flame, Mercurysky
    Mapper: Mercurysky
    Sound Team
    Composers: Gunsou, Skaylea, Tobinus

    System: Poccil & Flameguru for their starter kit, used as a base for the project.
    Graphics (mainly tiles and game rips): Alucus, BoOmxBIG, cNickc, Dante, DarkDragon, DeadHeroAlistair, Dewitty, Dragoon, GavZxHayley, Kymotonian, Lalo0101, mr-duke, Pokémon-Diamond, PurPok, RubiiGameZ, Spacemotion, UltimoSpriter, Zetavares852
    Concepts, Helps, special thanks: PHantasyEXperiment, Failed-Artist, HourglassHero, bzuma. And all the wonderful people we met during the development!

    Thanks for following the project and for supporting us!