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    Originally Posted by Pink Parka Girl View Post
    *admires her award, surprised and flattered* ' I'd like to thank the academy...well, actually...I'd like to thank all of you who voted for me; and even those of you who didn't, for giving me good competition Thank you! ^__^

    XD Her grammar is awful on purpose, and it's actually plot relevant why she (and at least one other pokemon you meet) speak so poorly. Trust me, this isn't going to be one of those hacks riddled with spelling and grammar errors every which perfectionist streak wouldn't allow it '

    As for Raikou, that sprite was inserted a while back when I was entertaining the idea of putting in HGSS sprites as well as PMD sprites, or eventually instead of them - the Raikou was basically copied from one of the pre-release HGSS screenshots and inserted. But now that you mention that it needs some work...I can see how out of of place it is, with everything else PMD-style. I'll get it's 32x32 PMD sprite and get to work on that Thanks for the comments!

    @TheSmell: Thanks so much for the congratulations! Trust me, I was surprised to see I was Hack of the Week winner myself ' Anyway, do I take from your excitement that the log tile isn't so bad, or that you just liked that I quoted Ren and Stimpy? =P Or both? XD

    @Patjamma: That suggestion is awesome XD Since most items have been replaced by unplantable berries anyway (for example, a Potion is now called a "Lechuk Berry"), and berries grow on trees, or at least on bushes...being able to go into random trees on routes for item scouting sounds like a clever idea Or at the very least, I could have going up to overworld trees and "talking to them" be how you get some items in the first place.

    @ destinedjagold and @Neo-Wolf Thanks! ^__^ Comments - both good and constructive-critty - and compliments are why I keep going with this
    Congratulations on HoTW. You deserve it.

    And for the plant sprites... You can use the berry trees. XD YOu didn't replace them did you?

    EDIT: Here is an award:

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