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    First, thanks to anyone for the support and the apreciatements!

    Originally Posted by Soul.//Silver View Post
    I'm actually going to eventually make a game called
    Pokemon Garnet, idk how far away that is though. Anyway, its looking really good so far (from what I have seen here and on dA) I actually first found this game on dA. Keep up the great work, but when I make finally make a thread for my game I'll have to think of something so people don't get names mixed up (and I sure hope little noobs don't say "Sorry, already a game called Pokemon Garnet. You will have to change it" because names aren't copyrighted here so anyone can use anything). The hero/ine are done really well btw lol
    It's not a problem, I've chosen that name for the particular story of the game, but I think the same thing you said, names aren't copyrighted in fangames! I will never say you to change your project's name! XD

    Little new abouto features:
    There will be three additional pokémon types in garnet:

    I'll make soon some new screens!