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Originally Posted by This Name is Exactly 36 Letters Long View Post
Popularity, it doesn't die.

This page has had 1,292 visits

I've been here for 2 years and I have almost as many visits as Jordan.


I'm speechless.
Actually, profile views have only been recorded recently, and since I've only been active again for only a few weeks, this isn't so surprising.

1. Abnegation
2. Atomico+
3. Fallen Nocturne
4. Misheard Whisper
5. Misty4Life+
6. Pokemon_is_awesome
7. Violense
8. Went
9. X-626
10. xXI JOE IXx+

This page has had 1,546 visits

Atomico, Pokemon_is_awesome, Mist and Joe are friendly faces, while I VM'ed X-626. I'm not too sure how to feel about the rest of the crowd...I hope I'm not in trouble.
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