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Originally Posted by Reygok View Post
Hm, the level scripts, or better: the level script works, but only one! When I add another script, on an other map, the first changes in this second!
I had a script in Players house, the mother walks towards the player and say good morning and so on. But when I add a level sript in Prof Birch's Laboratory to get the first pokémon, and save it, I get my first Pokémon from my mother when I leave my room in my house! The offset of level sript 1 simply changed, its now the same as the seond! But I took a different var! Whats the problem?
Well, it's not the level script. It's advance-map that messes the level scripts up.
After you insert a first level script, and you move right along to the next map and try to add a level script, it would usually become the last one you entered, even if it's on a different map. So to fix this:

On the second map (that has the problems), just add about two level scripts or add them until you get a blank, editable one. Once you get the editable blank one, delete all that come before it. Now enter the settings for the level script and it should work.

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