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Here's my first post about my hack idea Pokemon Explorers. Here is the storyline so far.

You play a young adolescent living in the Novas Region. Today is the day you take the test at the DPT (Department of Pokemon Trainers) to become a Pokemon Trainer. Before you head to the DPT in Amber City, you stop at the lab of your childhood friend and tutor, Professor Acacia. She wishes you good luck on your test and sends you on the way with a parting gift, a PokeNav! When you reach the DPT you check in and are assigned a rental Pokemon and proctor. Your test is to win three simple battles in a row. After winning the battles you receive a trainer’s liscense and a stampbook (your book gets stamped instead of getting badges in the Novas region). Happy to have these items you rush back home where your mother and Professor Acacia are waiting. After telling them the good news, Professor Acacia rewards you with an Aron as your first Pokemon and downloadable Pokedex application for your PokeNav.

After leaving home (and receiving your mom and Professor Acacia’s match call numbers) you head back to Amber City to challenge the local gym. In front of the gym you see a disgruntled teenager about your age, mumbling something. He/She wasn’t able to challenge the gym because he had Pokemon and no Trainer License/Stampbook and the leader threatened to call the police. Then he/she challenges you to a battle sending out a Gible with a level equivalent to that of your Aron. After defeating him/her, he/she runs off screaming that they’ll be the greatest Pokemon Master.

In this hack you would be able to choose many paths that alter your experience in the story. The point of pokemon explorers is to allow the player many different storyline and adventuring oppertunities.