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This post here contains all official info thus far released on HG/SS - it's a general summery of the features with pictures a-plenty, as well as an archive of information released in the lead up to the games, including Coro Coro scans and video links. Pictures and video links are all over the place, but a full list of those are at the bottom. Hopefully it may answer some questions you may have as well on the games.

Official HG/SS website (Japanese)

Official Japanese Trailer Video here.
English Trailer Video here.
Newer gameplay video here
Demo Gameplay here

Go here for the latest Coro Coro info.

The games themselves - general info

Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver (HG/SS, or the 'GS remakes') are the newest games to be released for the DS, as part of the main handheld series. HeartGold features the legendary Pokemon Ho-oh, while SoulSilver has Lugia - both Pokemon are obtainable in each game (neither are version exclusives). They are remakes of the games Pokemon Gold and Silver, and were originally and officially confirmed here.

It has thus far come out in Japan, since September 12th, 2009 and is to be released in America MARCH 14TH 2010 Australia and New Zealand gets it MARCH 25TH 2010, and Europe gets it MARCH 26TH 2010.

Logos and official Japanese boxart:

You choose from the three Johto starter Pokemon Chikorita, Totodile and Cyndaquil, while the main legendary Pokemon are Ho-oh and Lugia. With the latter, you can actually obtain both within either game, only one at a later stage of gameplay, and at a higher level. Pictures of them below:

You can choose to play as the male protagonist known as 'Gold' from GSC, or the female protagonist, 'Kotone'. Other revealed character art include Professor Elm, Silver (the rival), and a Team Rocket grunt. These characters return from GSC, apart from the girl protagonist who is brand new. (No Kris from Crystal). The new girl apparently will play a role similar to Dawn/Lucas in D/P/Pt, or Brendan/May in R/S/E - a supportive role in the game (assuming you choose to play as Gold - otherwise the roles are reversed).

It is known that Pokemon can follow you around, akin to Pokemon Yellow where the Pikachu follows you around. However, it is confirmed that all 493 Pokemon can follow you, including legendary Pokemon. You can also get items from them that they pick up, just like in D/P/Pt. Talking to the Pokemon also allows you to see them give an expression (via a face in a speech-bubble) which shows you how they are feeling (basically a new 'happiness' check). You can find items as well to dress up your Pokemon with in pictures, and depending on the nature of your Pokemon and the Route you talk to them in, you may find a 'Shining Leaf', an item which appears in their status screen. Collect 5 for one Pokemon and show them to your psudo-rival, and you'll get a star on your Trainer Card and a certificate.

A video and screenshots of this:

The touch-screen is now more interactive than ever - the Pokegear can be operated from there, and the bag, Pokedex and even PC boxes can be managed all through the touch-screen. As such operating these will become easier and more organised. Old functions such as the Map, Phone and Radio return, and a running toggle-button has been added to the menu, serving as the way to activate the Running Shoes, and allows for two Key Items to be 'registered'.

The Radio now serves a greater purpose - on Wednesdays a 'Hoenn Channel' program plays - listening to this will cause Hoenn Pokemon to appear in the wild, while on Thursdays a Sinnoh Show plays which brings about certain 4th gen Pokemon in the wild, depending on the location. The tune that plays in the Ruins of Alph increases the likihood of Unown not yet obtained appearing, and Prof. Oaks talk show informs you of Swarm Pokemon and where they are.

Furthermore, the touch screen and stylus will be used to play up to 9 minigames within a special building/s, which rely on 'skills' - Speed, Stamina, Power, Technique, and Jump - these stats generally differ from Pokemon species to Pokemon specices, but can can be increased by giving a Pokemon juice made from Apricorns.

You compete with 3 Pokemon - some games with one at a time, others with all 3 at once. It runs on a points-based system, and points gained can be used to buy items, such as Apricorns, Healing items and Evolution Stones.

Minigames are as follows:
  • Dash Hurdles - you control 3 Pokemon in a race, tapping them to jump hurdles as they compete against the rest (who are off-screen). Timing jumps well increases their speed, running into hurdles slows them down. You can see obstacles coming from the top screen. The aim is to take out the top three placings, or close to that.
  • Bounce Field - aim is to make your 3 Pokemon bounce upwards into the top screen by pulling the stylus down and then flicking it up, to hit lights above. The more you hit in a row, the more points you get.
  • Ring Out Fight - you control one of your Pokemon at a time, and fight it out with others in a sumo-like game - basically, use the stylus to keep your Pokemon in the ring and knock out other Pokemon.
  • Shooting Snow - you control your three Pokemon in a snowball fight - you try to hit other Pokemon by throwing snowballs at them via the Stylus, while avoiding snowballs thrown at you (which can temporarily daze them).
  • Charge Relay - a race where you control one Pokemon at a time and try to achiceve as many laps as possible. Obstacles populate the cource, and from time to time you have to switch Pokemon when your current one gets tired.
  • Break Block - you control one Pokémon at a time. Aim is to destroy as many blocks as possible by tapping them as quickly as you can, while getting into a rhythm. From time to time you may have to switch Pokemon.
  • Catch Saucer -you control all three of your Pokémon at all times to jump and catch the saucers being shot over the field. Where you catch them determines the amount of points you get. You can also push off opponents from the stage, as well as get pushed.
  • Push Circle - aim is to have your Pokemon occupy circles that appear on the field to gain points. These circles vary in size and points given out, and you have to get your Pokemon in them to score points at the end of each round while pusing out opponents so they don't gain points themselves. You control 3 Pokemon at once.
  • Steal Flag - basically a 'capture the flag' game. You switch between your Pokemon to collect flags, and steal from opponents, and bringing them back to the finish line to switch with another Pokemon and 'save' those flags. Aim is to collect as many as possible. Max your Pokemon can hold is 9 flags.
Video + pictures of these minigames mentioned here:

Link to's:

The game takes place in the region of Johto. It is confirmed that you can go to Kanto in the game (what it looks like is so far unknown however), and Johto retains the same places as before, such as New Bark Town, Slowpoke Well, Goldenrod City. There are some changes to it however (for instance, there appears to be a river flowing in the route/s below Blackthorn City). There are new areas as well (such as the Pokethlon west of the National Park, the Safari Zone and related routes west of Cianwood, Goldenrod's GTS, etc), and Kanto is upsized from GSC.
Official map of Johto:


Eusine is back, presumably with the Crystal storyline involving Suicune. You chase Suicune around into Kanto, encountering it in various places before battling it at level 40 by Bill's house.

Apricorns are back, and can be made by Kurt (who also returns - see art) into the old GSC balls. One can be picked a day from an Apricorn tree and can be held in an Apricorn Case. Furthermore, Apricorns now have another use! They can be made into a drink that affects Pokethlon stats. There are more Apricorn Trees in HG/SS as well compared to GSC - the Psn Cure Berry tree next to Mr Pokemon's house in GSC for instance is now an Apricorn tree.
Berries are now found as items, on the gorund, etc, like in FR/LG, but now you can plant them in a berry planter device which you carry around - you can grow four (or more, potentially) at once.

The new area west of Cianwood has been confirmed to be a Safari Zone, which upon completing challenges becomes customisable with areas you can visit. Different sections yield different Pokemon, and upon beating later challenges you can decorate sections which bring about even more Pokemon. There is no walk limit in this Safari Zone as well. The old Safari Zone in Kanto becomes a Pal Park, which notable has no 6-Pokemon-a-day limit, unlike D/P/Pt.

The bug-catching competition returns in HG/SS at the National Park and occurs every Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday. Pokemon initially remain the same as they were in GSC, and the system is the same - you get 20 Park Balls and have 20 minutes to catch a Bug Pokemon for judging, with only one Pokemon allowed to help weaken Pokemon, and no items allowed. You can catch more than one, but are only allowed to keep one, so choosing wisely to replace the current one you caught or not is important to improve your chances at winning. Pokemon are judged on level, rarity and stats.

Prizes include evolution stones for 1st prize, Everstone for 2nd and a Sitrus Berry for third, while missing out on the top three yields a Shed Shell. Once obtaining the National Dex, you can catch 3rd and 4th gen Pokemon on Thursdays and Saturdays of the competition.

The Battle Tower in Crystal has been replaced with Platinum's Battle Frontier, to keep compadibility with Platinum. All Platinum faculities return here, with BPs being able to be used to buy prizes, or teach move tutor moves to Pokemon.

Pokemon Trainer Red reappears in HG/SS with a stronger team, notably with his Pikachu leading his team at level 88. He can be found at Mt Silver after beating all gym leaders, and will rebattle you each time you beat the Elite Four.

There are a number of rare legendary Pokemon/one-off Pokemon to obtain. The Red Gyarados from GSC returns at level 30, and Lugia in SS and Ho-oh in HG appear at level 45 respectively (they are at level 70 in the game they are not based in e.g. Lugia in HG). It is known that after beating the Elite Four, you can find Groudon in SS, and Kyorge in HG. Once you obtain both of them in the one game (via catching/transferring), you can also get Rayquaza. All are found in a cave/their own caves, and are at level 50.

Other Pokemon include:
  • The Johto Beast Trio - Suicune has its own plot, in which you much chase it into Kanto. Eventually you can battle it by Bill's House at Cerulean Cape at level 40, while Entei and Raikou roam Johto once released from Burnt Tower, also at level 40.
  • Latios or Latias - one will roam in Kanto in your game when you talk to Steven Stone during the Magnet Train mini-quest.
  • Kanto Legendary Birds appear once you beat all 16 gym leaders - Zapdos appears outside the Power Plant, Articuno in Seafoam Islands, and Moltres at Mt Silver at level 50.
  • Mewtwo can be found in Cerulean Cave after beating Red at level 70.
  • Sudowoodo reappears at level 20 were it was in GSC, and remains part of the storyline (it is an unavoidable Pokemon).
  • Snorlax is again catchable at level 50 in HG/SS, again requiring the PokeFlute tune to be played (once found manually on the radio) to wake it up once completing miniquests in Kanto, outside the southern entrance to Diglett Cave.
  • You get your choice of the Kanto Starters from Prof Oak in Pallet Town once you beat Red.
  • You get your choice of the Hoenn Starters from Steven Stone in Sliph Co once you beat Red.
The Mystery Egg plot is back, Togepi being the Pokemon that hatches.

Your mother can save money for you, as she did in GSC. She will also buy items for you, usually berries but at times items like Moon Stones and Choice Items. You can collect them from a deliveryman from any PokeMart.

The Magnet Train and the SS Anne also return, allowing players to go to Kanto from Johto, and vice versa.

The Global Terminal (akin to the one in Platinum) returns, situated in Goldenrod City.

Wifi minigames like the ones in Platinum are back.

Instead of Honey trees, the ability to Headbutt Trees via the move Headbutt has returned from GSC. A person in Ilex Forest acts as a reusable move tutor of the move. 3rd and 4th gen Pokemon can be found once one headbutts trees in Johto accessible via Rock Slide, or in Kanto.

An item called the GB Player appears in HG/SS which allows you to play the old tunes from GSC instead of the new HG/SS music. It is obtainable in Celedon City in the Mansion by talking to the NPC by the globe once beating all of the gym leaders.

You can rebattle Gym Leaders by obtaining their phone numbers if you find them in specific locations at specific times, and calling them at specific times. You then meet them at the Fighting Dojo in Saffron City, where they have a boosted team (min levels around the 50 range), and may have 3rd and/or 4th gen Pokemon in their team as well. The Elite Four and Champion Lance also gets a revamp when you rebattle them.
More info on how to rebattle gym leaders here:

The PokeWalker

Sold with the game is a device called the PokéWalker. You are able to trade one Pokemon from HG/SS onto the Pokewalker. The device works as a pedometer; when you walk about, your Pokémon will slowly raise level and happiness, as well as 'Watts' which allows you to battle wild Pokemon on the PokeWalker, and find items which can be traded onto HG/SS. Transferring is apparently easy.

There are 'courses' that you can take your Pokemon on within the PokeWalker - each has specific Pokemon within them. It appears at least two are available to use, and one unlock-able via trading a Jirachi event to it, unlocking the course 'Edge of the Night Sky'. There are other courses as well - another is unlockable by a event in Japan which unlocks the 'Pikachu's forest'

Info-page with pictures here:

Pre-order bonus - figurines!

If you pre-order HeartGold from Japan, you get a Ho-oh figurine - if you pre-order SoulSilver, it's a Lugia figurine - and if you pre-order both, you get both of them, as well as an Arceus figurine. Pre-orders for it start on July the 4th.

Pictures of the three figurines:


A number of events have been confirmed for HG/SS. Click here to see a video on the Notched-Ear Pichu and Arceus events.

- If you send over the Pikachu Coloured Pichu (PCP) obtained from the special 12th movie event (given away from June 19th to July 18th), you unlock an event in Ilex forest by Celebi's Shrine, which cause the Notched-Ear Pichu (NEP) to appear. It knows Volt Tackle, Helping Hand, Swagger & Pain Split. An old man appears afterward NEP does - presumably he tells you something about the Pichu.

- Trading over the Arceus movie event to HG/SS and taking it to the Ruins of Alph and talking to an NPC, can unlock an event and a small, new area (currently 'called' the 'Shinto Ruins' - name may change in translations) involving it and Cynthia, which will also allow you to catch a Dialga, Palkia or Giratina (who choose which one) at level one. They know Metal Burst, Hydro Pump, and Shadow Sneak respectively.

- Trading over a special event Jirachi (that is to be given out in Japan via WiFi/McDonalds with the moves Rest, Confusion, Wish and Draco Meteor, level 5 with a Leichi Berry) to HG/SS will unlock a new area related to the PokeWalker. (Apparently called 'Edge of the Night Sky').

Other pictures, official artwork and videos:

Credit to,,, Coro Coro, Pokemon Sunday, slowkingsley and various other places for the sources of the info, videos and pictures.

Also credit to >Feelings< and Pokemon League Champion for providing many of the updated picture urls.