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Originally Posted by !Dragonite!
Yea, I didn't want to be the first to say it, but now that someone did, I agree, there is no way, and if you did you had to have used cheat!!! There is just no one, some people can look for months to get one, a very common one at that, and you cought allll the water shines!!! And all the legys!!!! I just dont believe that!
I trust AttackRage. I do know that he restarted his game before each of the legedairy shinys, until he got them... That's not so hard. It does seem a little bit to hard to get so many shinys (the water shinys), but if you consider what the odds actualy are, 1/1895, you should be seeing a shiny every 19 days if you see 100 pokemon a day. The reson I am motivated to search for shinys is because he got so many shinys so easily, and I hpoed I would get some luck sometime... I only have one shiny, with over 600 hours of game time. Those odds are similar to his, only in the opposite direction.

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