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    I have a question,
    when I used the #eraserange command
    on a script, like the one where you battle MAY
    on ROUTE 103, the other scripts of some people went blank.
    I mean, they have an offset but there are no commands
    or anything.

    So, when I talk to them in the game, they only show a blank
    text box.

    Like this:
    #eraserange 0x14EB92 0x14ED6B [MAY's SCRIPT]
    Then I compiled it.
    Then the one I mentioned above happened.
    Professor Birch's script
    #org 0x800000 [I don't know the offset ]

    Did I do something wrong?
    Or should have I used the #erase command instead?

    Please help!
    It seems that using this command affects other scripts too...
    Look at my new Title Screen!

    Not bad don't you think?
    My other one went nuts!
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