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Okay, more update-y stuff

First things first - Tile Molester is deciding to be a pain. Despite using the "sprites are usually right by their palettes, so look up the palettes in a hex editor and you should easily find the sprites" trick; and even scrolling through the entire ROM, several times, on several different codec modes...the Pokeballs are proving very elusive. I found the Pokeball icons that are part of the trade animation, but the ones that appear in battle (the pokeball that flies though the air when your leading Pokemon is sent out; the Pokeball on the ground that an enemy Pokemon pops out of in a Trainer battle, the balls that appear on the status screen when you look at your Pokemon)...I just can't find ' (I can't find the bar with "Trainer Memo" written on it that appears on the status screen, either). Has anyone ever actually hacked these and knows where they are and how to find them in Tile Molester? It's driving me nuts; I wasted a lot of man hours already looking for them...

Now, a quick detour through Pikpik Grove...

Foreshadowing! This Pikachu's pretty nervous about the rumors people discuss concerning mysterious kidnappings and the disturbing "Crumbletown" to the north...

Didn't we see this screenshot before? Yes we did, but I fixed this continuous script up a little - shortly before this screenshot, I added in a bit where Freya, the Pidgeotto who attacked this Ledyba, walks up, picks up the "round thing," and then starts walking away like she's leaving. When she's across from Rega the Ledyba, she stares at him for a minute, and then runs out like her tailfeathers are on fire. This was done to add a bit more depth of character to Freya, and so that her actions here would mesh more with what we shall see of her shortly...

Head to the northern exit and talk to the Spearow blocking it off, once you've visited with Rega. It'll abandon its post to join up with Freya, and the path is now free for you to walk along. Well, it's sorta free...three Spearow will try to stop you...

One would think Freya would simply flee after she's gotten what she wanted, but for some reason, she's hanging around...even the Spearow can't understand it.

Also, if you talk to the bushes on this route, you can pick up a few items. You won't get the opportunity to heal until you're at the Forest's Edge (unless you backtrack and talk to your mom), so it's wise to investigate everything...

Freya seems quite guilt-stricken and tortured...and, unable to face what she may have done, she calls you a liar and attacks you in anger...

Oh crud, I have tile errors up there ' I didn't notice that till just now...I'll fix that right away!

She's level 14 and can kick your fluffy butt if you're not careful. But she shouldn't be too hard ' You're at the beginning of the game where your foes are weak to your attacks

After some attempted guilt-tripping, Freya makes her escape (along with all the Spearow), and you can pick up the "Round Thing." What's it do? Well...we'll see about that much later...

I hope with the next update to show the third route - Golden Trail - the third "town" - Forest's Edge - and at least the beginning of the fourth route - Blackriver. Blackriver is where we start to see evidence of those mysterious Magicians who once roamed the land...though you'll meet some Pokemon who insist "Arceus put all that stuff there just to test us!" =P

@everyone: Thanks for your continued support!

@TheSmell: I believe Diamond and Pearl do that too - Dawn's scarf will flip from one side of her body to the other depending on which way she's facing. Drives me nuts there and drives me nuts here too, but it's just part of the engine, alas '

@Ash493: I hope to release a beta at the end of the Crumbletown arc (Crumbletown is in about the same place as Slateport City, so that gives you an estimate ).
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