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    Welcome to my shop. Feel free to browse around and make offers.


    -All Event Pokemon are UT, unless stated otherwise.
    -All Pokemon are legit to the extent of my knowledge. If I do have a hacked PKMN, please inform me so that I can take it off immediately.
    -All my Pokemon that I trade are cloned and if requested, I will clone your PKMN if it's an EV'd PKMN trade. I will not clone your PKMN if it's a trade for Event PKMN.
    -Refund Policy. If you find any of my trades are hacked, please PM me. A full refund/compensation will be done.
    -If you traded me a PKMN that's listed here and you wish to be given credit for it/you wish for it to be NFT, please don't hesitate to post. Full credit will be given.
    -I personally check if any of my events are on the PP list. Before offering, I would advise you to do the same: [old link is broken, if anyone could redirect me to a new one PP list]
    -Because I receive the majority of my EV'd PKMN in trades, I cannot find the EVs/IVs of them, so please do not ask. I will attempt to get an R4 to check for EVs/IVs in the future, but until then, they remain unknown.
    -I recommend you CTRL+F to find what you need under the EV'd PKMN section. It's a long list.

    GAMESTOP EVENTS PKMN, need them for Black/White
    Shiny EV'd Legendaries Lv. 100 [highest priority]
    EV'd 1st Gen (Pidgeot, Nidoqueen, and so on) [highest priority]
    EV'd Lv. 100s [highest priority]
    Event Pokemon (Must be UT and legit) [medium priority]
    UT versions of Event Pokemon I have [low priority]
    HeartGold/SoulSilver UT Legendaries [low priority]
    Shiny UT English Legendaries [low priority]
    Shiny Lv. 1 Breeded PKMN [low priority]


    EV'd Zapdos
    EV'd Nidoqueen
    EV'd Golem
    EV'd Pidgeot




    Lv. 1 Modest Piplup
    Lv. 1 Naughty Chimchar
    Lv. 1 Quirky Turtwig
    Lv. 73 Gentle Rayquaza


    Lv. 70 Hasty Mewtwo
    Lv. 71 Bold Ho-Oh
    Lv. 70 Hardy Lugia
    Lv. 50 Mild Zapdos
    Lv. 50 Lonely Moltres
    Lv. 50 Sassy Articuno
    Lv. 70 Quirky Rayquaza
    Lv. 70 Lax Groudon
    Lv. 70 Rash Kyogre
    Lv. 50 Bold Latias
    Lv. 50 Adamant Uxie
    Lv. 50 Modest Azelf
    Lv. 45 Bold HG/SS Lugia
    Lv. 30 Adamant HG/SS Red Gyarados

    EV-TRAINED 100s

    (Format goes HP/ATK/DEF/SP.ATK/SP.DEF/SPD)

    Adamant Feraligatr (296/339/214/172/172/236)
    Adamant Gallade (340/383/160/129/258/197)
    Careful Regirock (364/237/436/122/328/136)
    Adamant Arcanine (319/349/191/204/191/287)
    Rash Houndoom (311/192/107/341/155/247)
    Modest Lucario (282/209/171/361/176/279)
    Bold Blastoise (349/179/302/195/235/175)
    Timid Roserade (256/151/134/349/242/305) [w/ Hidden Power Fire]
    Timid Gengar (260/136/145/359/182/350)
    Naughty Salamence (331/400/196/262/176/299)
    Timid Froslass (256/164/165/234/157/347)
    Hasty Honchkrow (313/341/104/253/121/260)
    Naive Dragonite (303/367/200/222/201/280)
    Adamant Aerodactyl (302/339/166/140/186/359)
    Timid Ninjask (321/187/126/120/130/456)
    Bold Vaporeon (417/140/214/228/229/144)
    Adamant Kingdra (267/317/216/206/207/264)
    Impish Leafeon (274/290/378/119/154/214)
    Modest Lapras (401/185/250/280/250/156)
    Relaxed Swampert (401/256/297/219/216/140)
    Bold Cresselia (440/144/371/176/292/199)
    Modest Starmie (237/156/182/328/189/329)
    Serious Togekiss (302/137/226/339/327/187)
    Jolly Weavil (282/339/162/110/204/383)
    Bold Blissey (714/26/130/179/307/142)
    Jolly Breloom (256/357/172/134/146/229)
    Bold Weezing (330/172/343/180/153/148)
    Hasty Blaziken (273/312/150/295/168/184)
    Modest Heatran (320/180/247/394/247/253)
    Jolly Ursaring (304/359/158/148/166/229)
    Adamant Snorlax (462/350/166/149/319/96)
    Adamant Qwilfish (269/317/172/107/127/269)
    Careful Umbreon (324/136/292/112/383/146)
    Impish Hippowdon (400/273/308/135/223/120)
    Impish Bronzong (338/241/330/152/251/73)
    Jolly Garchomp (344/358/199/163/179/314)
    Jolly Groudon (340/390/295/189/216/304)
    Shiny Modest Alakazam (246/100/124/396/205/309)
    Shiny Modest Magnezone (319/146/259/394/233/154) [w/ Hidden Power Ice]
    Shiny Adamant Slaking (452/418/239/179/185/234)
    Shiny Jolly Sceptile (279/269/162/219/202/372)
    Shiny Adamant Machamp (380/394/171/126/181/122)
    Shiny Adamant Tyranitar (360/403/256/203/236/203)
    Shiny Adamant Scizor (329/392/252/131/196/166)
    Shiny Sassy Abomasnow (384/220/179/225/270/157)
    Shiny Hardy Yanmega (315/188/208/331/148/288)
    Shiny Timid Rampardos (336/386/156/166/136/236)
    Shiny Modest Milotic (332/140/194/328/349/198)
    Shiny Naughty Nidoking (303/311/190/203/167/269)
    Shiny Adamant Heracross (301/383/186/104/216/269)
    Shiny Naive Infernape (271/305/175/222/153/346)
    Shiny Adamant Metagross (352/404/285/203/216/177)
    Shiny Adamant Staraptor (291/343/174/96/130/284)
    Shiny Calm Glaceon (272/197/256/296/317/166)
    Shiny Lonely Porygon-Z (293/215/144/356/157/252)
    Shiny Adamant Gyarados (332/382/178/115/206/243)
    Shiny Modest Charizard (294/162/193/327/214/243)
    Shiny Impish Shuckle (38/569/36/478/37)
    Shiny Impish Dusknoir (293/223/399/148/306/118)
    Shiny Adamant Zangoose (285/361/150/126/152/279)
    Shiny Adamant Toxicroak (295/342/158/168/157/269)
    Shiny Impish Registeel (296/181/438/162/399/125)
    Shiny Lonely Shedinja (1/305/114/96/96/179)
    Shiny Modest Magmortar (277/183/172/378/207/250)
    Shiny Bashful Drapion (264/247/132/161/235)
    Shiny Careful Drapion (335/218/254/120/271/226)
    Shiny Impish Donphan (322/339/372/140/156/136)
    Shiny Adamant Mamoswine (358/394/188/135/145/258)
    Shiny Adamant Electivire (292/379/169/179/205/289)
    Shiny Impish Gliscor (353/215/382/98/176/224)
    Shiny Timid Ninetales (268/150/174/259/207/328)
    Shiny Modest Gardevoir (262/151/157/349/250/228)
    Shiny Adamant Poliwrath (384/295/226/158/216/177)
    Shiny Modest Kyogre (330/188/206/433/306/262)
    Shiny Calm Articuno (348/185/236/263/383/206)
    Shiny Adamant Torterra (331/346/228/164/177/188)
    Shiny Modest Starmie (250/189/191/328/181/326)
    Shiny Bold Cloyster (304/200/504/192/115/167)
    Shiny Adamant Banette (332/356/166/181/162/171)
    Shiny Modest Flareon (248/261/145/315/233/177)
    Shiny Adamant Aggron (344/347/392/118/154/123)
    Shiny Adamant Rhyperior (367/416/359/121/144/112)
    Shiny Jolly Tauros (286/299/215/97/150/350)
    Shiny Modest Typhlosion (298/183/187/348/206/299)
    Shiny Modest Latias (279/156/216/350/268/316)
    Shiny Bold Suicune (404/147/361/216/266/206)
    Shiny Adamant Rayquaza (351/434/223/302/223/279)
    Shiny Adamant Staraptor (299/372/175/108/136/292)


    10 ANIV Lax Blaziken (touched)
    10 ANIV Modest Latios
    10 ANIV Impish Latias (touched)
    10 ANIV Quiet Espeon (touched)
    10 ANIV Gentle Umbreon
    10 ANIV Bashful Pikachu
    10 ANIV Rash Raikou
    10 ANIV Lax Entei
    10 ANIV Hasty Suicune
    10 ANIV Serious Articuno
    10 ANIV Naughty Moltres
    10 ANIV Quiet Zapdos
    10 ANIV Adamant Bulbasaur
    10 ANIV Hasty Typhlosion
    10 ANIV Sassy Celebi
    10 ANIV Gentle Blastoise
    10 ANIV Sassy Charizard
    10 ANIV Gentle Tyranitar
    10ANNIV [France] Lonely Ho-Oh (touched)
    10ANNIV [France] Timid Pikachu
    10ANNIV [France] Relaxed Raikou
    10ANNIV [France] Naughty Articuno
    MATTLE Ho-Oh (touched)
    TRU Manaphy
    TRU Shaymin
    TRU Dragonite
    Ranger Manaphy
    Aura Mew
    MYSTRY Mew
    WISHMKR Jirachi
    NZ Jirachi
    CHANNEL Jirachi
    DOEL Deoxys
    Gamestop Deoxys
    SPACE C Deoxys
    PCNYb Kingdra
    PCNYb Milotic
    PCNYd Flygon
    10JAHRE Pikachu
    TCGWC Pikachu
    PKTOPIA Electivire (touched)
    Almia Darkrai
    ALAMOS Darkrai
    World09 Weavile
    Palcity Lucario

    Palcity Mew
    Hadou Mew
    Yukari Mew
    Hadou Regice
    Hadou Registeel
    Hadou Regirock
    Saikyou Milotic
    Saikyou Magmortar
    Saikyou Salamence
    Saikyou Electivire
    Saikyou Dragonite
    Goru Octillery
    Agate Celebi
    Movie 09 Arceus
    GCEA Kangaskhan
    Yellow Forest Pkachu [w/ Fly]
    Birthday Pikachu
    Birthday '07 Charmander
    Akiyama Slaking
    Teniumura Regigigas
    WCS Milotic
    PC Osaka Meowth
    Shokaton Pichu

    Pokemon Diamond FC ~ 0560 6381 4898
    Currently gathering EV'd Pokemon and finishing up my 10 ANIV Event list.

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