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Hack name: Unnamed Hack, Still deciding on a name

Hack of: Pokemon FireRed BPRE

Additional information about the hack: Just starting, up to the point of obtaining your starter.

Finished percentage: 0. The production has encountered an error and needs to restart. Music insertion can be done anytime.

Your hacking skills:Mapper, learning to script, basic graphics editing

What help or skill you're looking for:I need some new music added into the game, and it needs to be good quality. Sappy won't work on my computer, so if you can help me, please do!

Additional contact information: PM, VM. I'm on PC quite often. Please include some indication of how good you are (a patch with the music for a trial, mp3, youtube link to sample the music, etc.).

Additional information:I want some Johto music added to my game, so that I don't use the entire FireRed music selection, and some of the music is bland, anyways. Also, anyone that gets me the music I wanted, you will be given credit for it!