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    Hey guys, I don't know if you remember my old game Pokemon Finders. It was in the Games Showcase. Well, my computer got formatted and I couldn't work on it anymore. Now, I have reimproved it in many ways.

    Team Rocket is back and is badder than ever! Giovanni has sent off his grunts to capture powerful Pokemon, and bring them to him. While himself is trying to catch the all-powerful Mew! Some Pokemon have been reported missing. Professor Oak from Lera Town has been noticing these missing reports growing, and growing. Throughout the whole region, Pokemon are being reported missing. You, a young Pokemon Trainer, are awoken by your mother. Professor Oak has decided to send you to find those Pokemon. Team Rocket get's sneekier, and it is up to you, to find the headquarters and stop Team Rocket. The World lies in your hands. Will you find all of the Pokemon?

    I have made some screenshots, to show you my progress and the improvement:

    The berry system does work.
    The first screenshot is old and that's why it has the Platinum Grass Graphics. The new ones now have HGSS graphics.

    *Note - The Main character is just a placeholder

    This game will be posted in the games showcase as soon as a fix some scripting errors and I have at least the first gym leader done. Until then, I will just update here.
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