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    Wohoo, new Splice =D. Ninetails is kind of me messing around, just mixing around parts on Ninetails and making it look a bit fierce. Again not many requests, only thee of them were. I have Grumpig+Gorebyss, Vulpix+Umbreon, and Walreigh+Doduo+etc all being recorded when I made them, I'll get that uploaded soon probably. Not going to both posting a link this time, just check through my youtube profile to find it.

    The bottom five were made for a special competition I entered. I had to make Pokemon related sprites that matched the 5 categories of contests: Beauty, Cool, Tough, Cute, and Smart. It's being run by a guy named Arkeis, a person I consider to be one of the best splicers. I'm a bit nervous about it actually, I hope I do well and get noticed by the guy in some way.

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