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This is really nice Rave. Mind me calling you that? If not I'd be more than happy to oblige by your full name lol. Anyway I love where the storyline is going and how you planned everything out so far. My only problem is how all the Pokemon seem to be lined up to where they look like they're waiting to be captured. I did have an Idea that was inspired by your Idea/Plot. Instead of having them all line up and the pokeball magically appear where it is. Maybe the trainer could discover that he/she still has one(as well as maybe a potion or something so as not to make it seem to obvious) pokeball in their bad and when they stop searching the bag they hear a snap of a twig or something and a bunch (in this case 4 pokemon) pop out and run around. In turn the player goes up to one of them and ends up catching one...something around that Idea. You by no means have to use that Idea, It's just a mere suggestion. Anyway I do love where you're going with this and I hope to see more when you get some free time. Keep it up