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    Ofcourse you can join if you respect the rules and if you really hunt for shinies.

    You also have to edit yoursignature as ours. Oh and people from the club rsgh5, pazzcat, dragonite, tyranitar_:dude add me to your friends list!! i wanna see myself there! lol

    this goes for attackrage555. I do beleive you can catxh so many shinies but not in that little time. thats all i have to say

    And people, i got leaf green this morning and started the search for Shiny bulba, no success, my sis helped me and got to celadon in Fire red ao im buying dratini one time and another till it appears shiny.

    Oh and she found a shiny abra and caught it!!! I have a great lucky strewak these days. Im starting to think that it depends a lot in the ID number you have and also somoe math factors that involve this.

    have fun!
    ~>{*Shiny hunters Club*}<~

    Full credits to MetalMario for the card and for the banner!
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