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Originally Posted by hi sir tomato my password is syvniti View Post
*Tip: You can just edit the ini or source for the overworld editor.

I don't know how xD

One thing...I have a bug... when I use a special, anyone, the game frezees, after 5 or 6 seconds the game restarts....It happens in all the roms I use, I only add a code and this happens, it happens after 4 or 5 hours after I used the code...It's weird..this never happened before...and a friend also has this bug...

another thing!

In wich offset I must put the code for increase the OW's and pallete's?

i try and try but in all offsets I put it it messes up the rom!

And a will continue the path..adding more specials, more codes, etc..?
Or you will leave it like this?
I will love one of this for emerald :D
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